About Us

Johnny English DiscoveryJohnny English Discovery is an education consultancy based in UK and working with clients worldwide to ensure their English language learning is successful and exciting. We are proud to collaborate with dozens of education providers in UK, USA, Canada, Australia, Ireland and etc., which enables us to provide the consultation and support needed to get our client from Basic English language learning as a teenager to the BA, MA, BSc, MSc degree in the best universities in UK and other English speaking countries as an adult.

Our main goal is to help anyone interested in learning English language or study in UK and overseas. Our consultancy services include advice, guidance and support therefore are delivered by highly qualified education experts. We have an excellent range of courses that are flexible, targeted and competitively priced.

To guide ADULTS in their education choices and opportunities in UK/overseas we provide:
  • Detailed consultation on English language learning in UK/overseas;
  • Detailed consultation on the study options in UK/overseas (including schools, colleges and universities) including research and support;
  • Higher education application process support (we support and guide students
    through every stage of choosing and applying to their university);
  • IELTS/Cambridge/TOEFL exam preparation;
  • Business and professional training (short-term as well as long-termcourses) – we can get you on one of the programs with professional English language elements;
  • Short-term professional courses (you can choose from over 120 courses to obtain academic and professional qualifications);
  • DELTA/CELTA qualifications for TEFL/TESL teachers.
If you are interested in education options for your CHILDREN, our services include:
  • Highly-qualified individual advice for parents on all aspects of education opportunities and programs tailored to your child’s particular needs;
  • English language learning short-term/long-term programs in UK (London, Canterbury, Brighton, Edinburgh and etc – experience English language while exploring the British culture)/overseas;
  • All Year Round Camps in UK/Overseas;
  • Support choosing primary and secondary schools in UK/Overseas;
  • School application process support in UK/Overseas;
  • Boarding schools consultancy and application process support in UK/Overseas;
  • Private schools consultancy and application process support UK/Overseas;
  • English language summer camps in UK/overseas;
  • IELTS/Cambridge/TOEFL exam preparation;
  • Higher education application process support (we support and guide students through every stage of choosing and applying to their university);
  • Opportunity to discover UK and London.

Our individual approach to every client and quality service will meet any requirements – our qualified and experienced education consultants will advise you face-to-face, on telephone, skype or chat in English, German, Ukrainian, Polish, Greek, Czech, Russian, etc.

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