Austria Higher Education



The services we deliver:

  1. We provide free consultations concerning your future studies in Austria.
  2. For the extra payment we offer you the following services:
  • Research and select university to feed your needs; consult on the application process procedure and requirements as well as paperwork needed. If preferable, we will advise on the language programs and the accommodation. Our consultants are trained and qualified to respond to the customer’s needs individually and efficiently.
  • We prepare all the paperwork needed to apply to the educational establishment, legalize in the consulate/embassy, translate and notify all the documents required, fill in the application and sign-post it all to the university.
  • Receive the invitation from the university. If further exams needed, we register and escort you once in Vienna.
  • Book a hostel of your choice (out of the prior selected and shortlisted accommodation opportunities researched by Johnny English Discovery consultants).
  • Support in Austrian student visa application process, including all the paperwork and interview guidance.
  • Meet you in Vienna, escort and support on the day of the registration in the university, support in filling in and receipt of all the further student paperwork, sort out your settlement in Austria and support in the Residence Permit application process.
  • During all this process, you will be allocated a personal consultant based in Vienna to answer all your questions, even after you become a student of the university.

Frequently asked questions:

  • Can I apply after I left secondary school?

Yes, you can apply after the completion of your secondary education. However, in such a case, you will have to sit a few extra exams.

(Students from Kazakhstan can apply only after 2 years of studies at the university.)

  • What level of German is required for the application process?

The required level of German is B2, some colleges will ask for C1 (for example School of Medicine). If your level of German is below that, the university can give some time (maximum 4 terms) to study the language at the university.

P.S. For the EU students – The algorithm is absolutely the same, however no visa will be required. For Russia and Kazakhstan the algorithm will be the same on only one exclusion – the customers will have to sort out all the paperwork themselves, we in our turn can only consult and guide.


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