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At Johnny English Discovery we are proud of our diverse links with the customers from around the world and celebrate the ability to be the core support for people with different skills, talents, abilities and goals to get their ‘royal’ dream come true! We strive to ensure every customer receives the highest level of experience through providing excellent service and resources. With Johnny English Discovery Learning languages will go far beyond words and sentences. Our customers will experience the English language through the opportunity to explore and understand British culture thus widening their academic and social horizons.

We are proud to collaborate with dozens of education providers in UK, USA, Canada, etc, which enables us to provide the consultation and support needed to get our client from Basic English language learning as a teenager to the BA, MA, BSc, MSc degree in the best universities in UK and other English speaking countries as an adult.
Alongside creative comprehensive curriculum and language learning in some of the best Language schools in UK continuous progress and achievement will be stimulated through sophisticated enrichment program which will be based on the successful practices of the British education and engaging entertainment program.

At Johnny English Discovery we firmly believe that all customers have potential and that it is the duty of our team to ensure that each of them reaches their potential. There is nothing impossible if you continue exploring the world, challenging your skills and working hard!
We will tailor each customer’s education to meet their needs and to ensure that everyone enjoys learning and thrives through our programs.
When working with under 18 groups our school will ensure safe, nurturing and caring learning environment for every child.
Liaison with parents will be our priority and we will work closely with parents to ensure high academic achievements and social well-being of each child whilst on the program.

We have a wide range of programmes to suit your needs!
Adult’s Education Programmes:

Adult’s Education Programmes

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Kid’s Education Programmes

Please feel free to contact us direct and our team will assist you with the right choice of course.