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Lorenzo, Italy

Thank you to Johnny English Discovery Team for booking me with Cavendish school. I am 15 and came from Italy. I had a great time in Bournemouth, Cavendish school is the best!!! Teachers are so friendly and helpful. I have stayed at host family, Helen was so kind and would ask how my day was at school and would check if I am not hungry. With our group we had excursions to London and it was brilliant. Best time of my life!!!


I am from Poland and stayed in London for 2 months during winter time, saved so much money on course fees as Johnny English Discovery helped me to choose a perfect course and offered me 25 % discount. I plan to take IELTs exam this spring and enter university Undergraduate programme, so will defiantly come back and book my course thought this agency.

Antonio, Italy

Thank you .You so nice and helpful. I do not speak English much, but Lena explained well she talk a little Italian with me. Grazie!!!

Dimitris, Greece

I like Delfin School in London very much. Classes are small, students are from all over the world. I made new friends and really improved my spoken English. Eucharisto para poli Johnyy English Discovery!

Alexandr, Ukraine

I came from Ukraine, I am 16 and stayed at Oxford House College. Great location in the centre of city, I loved the school. It has café, library, computer room everything you need. Teachers were native speakers; Tim was excellent he explained everything so well. I came for a month and improved my English level so quickly. Would definitely recommend Jonny English Discovery. Thanks Inna for choosing such a great course for me. I enjoyed my stay in London so much, plan to came back in two months’ time. See you soon.