Johnny English Discovery LTD provides a professional guardianship service to overseas students age 11 – 18 who are studying in the  in UK Boarding Schools, Universities .

Our guardianship includes the following:

  • Offer wide choice of carefully selected families, undertaking of all the proper legal checks on every guardian and host family,all families DBS checked
  • Provide you with short list of the most suitable  legal guardian for your child and opportunity to  change if your child is unhappy.
  • A professional undertaking, with the responsibilities clearly stated and agreed.
  • Full professional indemnity insurance to cover all their responsibilities, as is required of schools.
  • 24/7 support  in any emergency or crisis, whether your child is in school or staying with a family.
  • Offer flexibility through a number of options.
  • Reliable communication with all parties concerned.
  • Provide with an accurate estimate of your child’s expenses and a clear statement of costs.
  • Access to additional services to cover all your needs as an overseas parent – visa extensions, passport renewal, travel itineraries and accommodation for parents, booking tickets, holiday revision or language courses, management of your child’s finances, arranging mobile phone accounts, etc.